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Angelina Valentine
Rango de las Estrellas de Porno
If you took one look at Angelina Valentine, you wouldn’t be wrong to think there’s been some awesome apocalyptic event and she has come back from the future to save humanity. This girl could be a super hero if she weren’t so busy being a super whore, which we say with the greatest respect. Armed with a tight strong bod and some of the most massive chest balloons on the planet, Angelina can kick ass and take it up hers like the universe depends on it. Her tits could be pictured in the ‘Engineering Wonders of the World’ book right next to the Hoover Dam. Speaking of hoovering, check out those blowjob skills! Angelina once said that if she doesn’t feel it nudge the back of her throat and make her gag then it doesn’t really even count as a beejer. She puts her mouth, twat and tush to the test every time she’s called upon by the lords of laying to make us web wankers happy. And though she shares more than a name with her Hollywood lookalike, our Angelina’s lips are even more ball-vibratingly delicious than Madame Jolie’s. With a mixed heritage of Italian and Latina, you know Angelina can really put a man in his place. She puts the “stress” in “mistress” as in ‘you’re going to stress the hell out of your wrist on this one.’ It’s Valentine’s Day every day so long as you got an internet connection and a pulse.
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Acerca de
Nacido: 1986-09-19
Lugar de nacimiento: Kentucky, United States
Altura: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Peso: 115 lbs (52 kg)

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