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Honey Wilder
Honey Wilder
The ‘80s were sweet: big hair, awesome music, rad neon colors, tons of money, and the dawn of a new porn era as the home video revolution took over. Everyone was then able to invite their favorite sluts into the comfort of their own private jerk-off dungeons. One of the most welcomed sluts of the era was the incomparable Honey Wilder. She started small, made cocks get bigger, and quickly, so did her fame. Honey ended up being one of the defining cock junkies of the decade. Her body was all real, with great era-defining tits, nips and a hot vajayjay that absolutely frothed when she was getting ready to ease some Johnson up there. One of Honey’s specialties was the super-duper deepthroat log swallower. She could take the girthiest rods and the longest dongs and make them disappear into her hot, whorish oral hole. Honey didn’t get into porn at too early of an age, as the teen genre was still just budding in the ‘80s. She waited until she was of proper cougar age, and then took over that genre. She was pioneering the MILF scene way before the likes of Julia Ann and Lisa Ann, both of whom cite Honey as a major inspiration. She taught those young boy-toys all about giving her mature pussy the proper worship and respect she deserves, sometimes blasting into taboo territory with her maternal horniness. Honey Wilder’s legend still pulses today in every boner when a young dude browses the MILF tags right here at Pornhub central.
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Lugar de nacimiento: Texas, United States
Altura: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Peso: 121 lbs (55 kg)
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