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Lucie Wilde
Get ready to Czech out the young and well-endowed Lucie Wilde. This Bohemian Babe rocks a set of knockers that can literally knock you out when she swings those puppies from side to side. Her tits are a full-on 32 H, and are AA-H 100% natural. You’d think those waif models from Eastern Europe would have to get some crazy tit jobs to compete with their bubbly American counter-whores, but not Lucie Wilde. They must’ve put something in the creek of whatever medieval village she grew up in, for her to get such magical cans. That’s not all that’s natural about Lucie, because this girl also has a pure instinctual hunger for big dick and hot wads of cum. For her 18th birthday, this girl wanted nothing more than a big ol’ porn contract promising her as many cocks as possible, preferably all at the same time. There’s plenty of Lucie’s chunky chesters to go around when she’s getting it from a bunch of dudes, leaving plenty of target room for their splooge on her pearl necklace zone. Lucie gives the best tit-fucking in all of Europe, but she needs a guy with a massive boner; otherwise that dingy might get lost in her cleavage. She also enjoys a deep dick burrowing in her tight asshole. With the skills, drive, and assets this girl has, it won’t be long before she takes Sin Valley, California, by a massive cum storm.
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Altura: 5 ft 6 in (167 cm)
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Also Known As Busty Buffy
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