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Strapon Sexy brunnete babe pegging her boyfriend

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4 months ago
Oh my gosh this has given me such a turn on I'd love to try this on my man.... please my sweetness oh la la. Mhmmmm!!!!
1 month ago
Just ask him right after you give a good rim kidding, talk to him direct you never know he may have seen the same video and be waiting for the right time to bring it up, thats what I did with my girlfriend...I admit I was shocked when she said yes so quickly and casually....Lol
1 month ago
Approach him, ask him to fuck you ass, if he likes it, then maybe he would like it too (his ass fucked by you)
1 year ago
If you have ever wanted to perform anal on a girl you should be man enough to take it from her...Nothing gay about it. Its a woman...Who cares anyway...Be open and be yourself. As long as its 2 consenting adults have all the fun in all the ways you can think of. I love bending gender rules but thats just me.
1 week ago
@paulshlong how exactly is a male receiving anal from a female gay? Emphasis: male, female.
1 month ago
Right on!
2 years ago
Great video. Hot girl who really enjoys being top, and a willing guy. But boy, please remove your hair if you come onscreen ass-wide
1 year ago
shes soo hot topping him.
6 months ago
Man hating feminists(descendants of Lilith-Adam’s 1st wife) posing as fake pre opt. transgender(transsexual, intersex) women with rubber dicks! Like most of you my interest in pre opt transwomen started when a little slut I fucked tongue rimmed my ass then it progressed to a strapon. Trust me when I say THE REAL ONE IS ALWAYS BETTER!
1 year ago
Yes she is, but she did take it easy on him
1 year ago
Dang, this is just about the cutest porn I have ever seen; holding hands, smooching, heavy lidded glance. They're both beautiful.
1 year ago
You're so erotic. Such sweet sexy comments

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