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Dolor cruel en el Ano

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Presentado en: 6 months ago
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9 months ago
is it wrong that it turns me on when she says OWWW?
6 months ago
Not at all :)
1 year ago
I really love this video!! It shows amateurs what they expect wen they get double cock fucked by big juicy cocks. This whore is tough. They repeatedly ask her if she's o.k. & she never says stop. At one point, a dude says "if u want him to cum (stop) SAY IT!!" She said nothing!! So NO ABUSE here!! Just a tight cock hungry bitch getting that anal stretched so she can get more rammed in it!!
2 years ago
This whore is treated EXACTLY how she deserves to be treated...cudos to the brothers ripping her up!!!
1 year ago
You're a fucking idiot.
1 year ago
And u are the reason women are going lez all over the world. Sick faggot
1 year ago
anybody in their rite dam mind knew dam well that was 2 much 4 that little girl 2 handle
5 months ago
That's why it's hot
1 year ago
Here here. Any man worth the title would never have done such.
1 year ago
I am so sick of society always finding the most biggest black guys and making it seem like all black guys have monster dicks and are thugs who are ugly, beat women and can barely talk properly. And no, bigger is not better either. I'm black and I don't have no monster ugly ass dick, I'm 7 inches and proud of it, and most girls cant handle it. I'm also very well spoked and educated. I'm sick of this stupid porn shit brainwashing people.
6 months ago
"And the majority of black guys are at least 8" That's a pretty disingenuous thing to say
6 months ago
Well I'm a black female and I can tell you bigger is better. And the majority of black guys are at least 8". And I love to get stretched by a big thick dick. I'd choose that over 7" in a heartbeat. And no all black guys aren't thugs that can't speak proper English but is this really the forum for that discussion? This is about sex. And white girls love getting fucked by huge black dicks and so do I. I just wish I could take it like they do.

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