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Im onine

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I am only into rough sex , I want to cry  in pain and be told to shut the fuck up. To  be choked, slapped around , beat with a belt and humiliated I want to be tied  down fo***d to squirt then fucked with a long thick cock. r**e my asshole I only fuck sadistic dominate males who aren't afriad to make me cry a lot.
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A guy I know from the club who use to date my sister invited me over to watch T.V. one night. When I got to his place I should have known what was up, his couch was covered with a sheet lol. After a while we got to talking and he started bragging about how big his dick was. I giggled and told him to take it out. He did and it was lol. It was so big it didn't even look real. It was at least twelve inches long and thick. Wow! I gasp, I smiled and asked if I could touch it and of course he said yes. I leaned across the couch and clutched it in both hands and it quickly got rock hard. My sister use to talk about how big his cock was and how it would hurt when they had sex. Wow and she took this on a regular basis. I thought I was the slut lol. It felt like I was holding a baseball bat, batter up! lol. I slide both hands up and down his shaft, I could literally stroke his cock with both hands at the same time. I said "oh baby, you got a big dick". Needless to say this was the biggest cock I ever handled. He told me to suck it and I didn't know where to start so I giggled and licked the tip. I just licked it like a lolly pop for for a while not knowing how much I could get down my throat. I licked it slowly from the tip down to his balls. I giggled as I stroked his long shaft. I looked his huge cock up and down then kissed it repeatedly all over. I sucked the tip for a while then slide about eight inches of it down my throat. I was sucking it real good, but he kept forcing more of it down the back of my throat. He said “take it girl take it” with his hand on the back of my head. I could feel it deep in my throat. I chocked on it and gasp for air. I said "let’s get naked" so we stood up, quickly undressed and got back on the couch. I smiled at him squeezed my breasts together and jiggled em side to side. He liked it and told me I was sexy and that he liked my thick honey butter body. He began touching and licking me all over. He sucked and licked my breasts. He went down on me for a while, I nutted, got nice and wet and was ready to try that big dick. He told me to get dogie style on the couch and he entered me from behind. He put it in my ass, but that didn't work so well. He got it all in and I squealed "no". He fucked it for a while anyway as I squealed until I couldn’t take it no more. No mas, no mas I told him. He pulled out of my ass and put it in my pussy. I was real wet so he actually got it all in, but I could feel it in my gut. Oh that's a big dick I gasp. He started off slow and it felt so fucking good. I yelled “Oh baby!" "That’s a big dick! That’s a big dick!” and he started going faster I yelled "I finna nut, I finna nut"! He gave me a spanking as I came. He must have got excited after he smacked that honey butter ass a few times cause, he started pounding me. It was so deep, I yelled baby, baby ya gotta stop! He just kept hammering away at my pussy I could still feel it up in my gut. I squealed damn baby ya gotta stop! He finally stopped after a while. He turned me over onto my back with my feet up, legs over his shoulder and fucked it from the front until he got his nut. He pulled out and came right in my face and slapped me on the chin with his cock several times. He ask me how his nut taste. I said "it taste good baby".  He then threw me a towel. I got slut fucked. Damn that was a big dick.
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My friend and co-worker Toni and I were sunning by the pool one day when I told her about my friend Robert that use to date my sister and how big his dick was. Toni didn’t believe me so I sent Robert a text asking if he was home. Robert text back that he was home and that we could come over and visit. We put on our sheer cover-ups over our swim suites and drove to Robert’s house. When we got to Robert’s he invited us in and we sat on each side of him on the couch. Robert laughed and asked what’s up? I told Robert Toni don’t believe how big it is. Robert laughed and blushed a bit. I asked if we could see it. Robert asked what? I said “your ding dong”. Robert laughed and said “my what?” I repeated playfully “your ding dong”. I told Robert that I wanted to suck his din a ling. I asked may I and unsnapped his pants and pulled it out. Toni gasp and called it a monster cock lol. I said do you believe me now? Toni replied Aaaa yeah, it’s like not even hard. I took it in both hands and told Toni to lick it. She giggled and her long blonde hair draped across Robert’s lap as she licked the tip. I continued to stroke it with both hands. Toni laughed and said “OMG it’s growing”. I said “of course he’s getting excited”. I told Toni to suck it, she giggled and said I’m scared. Getting frustrated I sternly said “just fucken suck it”. It was now fully erect and Toni’s blue eyes sparkled as she looked it up and down. Toni took it in her hands looked at Robert and asked “and you fucked her with this?” Robert just laughed. I spoke up and said “I was a real trooper”. We could both clutch it with both hands at the same time lol. I told Robert “I bet you didn’t expect two girls to show up today did you? We all laughed and I pushed Toni’s head down on Robert’s big dick. I said “I told ya to suck it”. Toni whined okaaay, damn, Becky. I was going to make sure this dirty little stripper got the full experience with this big black cock, just like I did lol. I undressed Toni and while she was sucking the tip of Robert’s rock hard BBC I stood up and took off what little I was wearing. Toni and I both licked and sucked Robert’s cock at the same time taking time out to kiss each other from time to time just to excite Robert. I licked and kissed my way up and down that shaft mmmmmmm. Robert was sitting on the couch and Toni was still on her knees in front of him on the floor sucking his cock. I asked Robert if he wanted to put a sheet on the couch real quick and he said “no, let’s just keep going” and we laughed. I got on my knees behind Toni and licked the crack of her ass and ate her out from behind. I licked Toni's crack and asshole real good. She is always so clean, her pussy is wet and warm and tastes so good. Can you imagine the view Robert must have had looking down at the pretty blonde sucking his cock and the hot Latina behind her licking and sucking her ass and pussy. After I made Toni cum, I stood up and straddled Toni kissing Robert and grinding one out on Toni’s back. I then stood up on the couch and put my pussy in Robert’s face to see if he would eat me. Robert sucked my clit real good. I laughed and looked down at him and asked why he didn’t do that last time. Robert laughed and said “you didn’t ask.” I was really wet now and told Toni let me show you how to do this. Toni sat back at the end of the couch and played with her pussy while I straddled and mounted Robert. I got most of it in and rode horsey. It was great, because I was controlling how much cock went in. The last time Robert just pounded me with his enormous cock and it got a lil crazy. I began to grunt, moan and squeal as I took that enormous cock ( those of you that have watched my videos know what that sounds like lol ) My breasts bounced as I came several times ridding that big cock. Robert came up inside me and I came again. “Oh baby!” I yelled. I moaned and kissed his neck. I ask Robert if I could use his shower and took a quick shower.  When I came out Robert was pounding Toni on the couch missionary style with legs in the air. Toni was screaming at the top of her lungs. I can’t believe she was taking that whole thing like that. What a slut lol. I like to ride so I can control how much goes in. I sat down in a chair watched and played with my clit for a while until Robert came. Toni ask to use the shower and while Toni was in the shower I licked all of the cum off Robert’s dick. I stroked, licked and sucked his cock. I was able to get him fully erect again, but I was unable to make him cum a third time. When Toni got down with her shower she laughed at me still on Robert’s dick. We got dressed and grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to my place. Toni later told me that Robert ate her pussy real good while I was in the shower before he fucked her. I made my cute pouty face and said “he didn’t eat my pussy the first time”. Toni came back with you’ve had this and know how sweet it is. I said “yeah, I know” and we both laughed. I did tell her Robert was real horny the first time he and I fucked and he was just worried about getting his.
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Anyone know?

How long does it take to upload a video? ??
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Is it weird that i jerk off to my own videos? Lol they get the job done everytime....oh and those sagging videos by assfetish ... and yuckboys too... hmph let me check out my pornbank...brb
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Just wanna have a face pressed up in my ass licking an sucking an fucking it real good
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permanently starving

is anyone else permanently starving lately? I CANNOT STOP EATING FOOD.
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