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Rafael Alencar
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Brazil is no longer the land of just big-titted power sluts with gaping vajayjays and monthly PMS sessions, because the boys are back in town. For all you cock-loving, butt-ramming, homo-humping enthusiasts, we’ve got a Boy From Brazil for you: Rafael Alencar. He’s got deep soul in his eyes, dark curly hair, and a body that can handle any bear, or school any twink. This hunk of gay meat has graced numerous magazine covers and centerfolds with bulging pecs, taut abs, hard ass-cheeks, and a muscular meat stick which glistens and throbs in spotlights like it was the star of the show. Well, Rafael’s dick has starred in many backdoor shows, being a leading headliner in some boy butt stuffing. Rafael loves the dick, and it shows when he flashes that big smile as a boner tip eases through his man lips. Even his asshole winks in approval whenever he hears a zipper going down and an erection springing to attention. Rafael’s also done some mainstream modeling gigs, showing off his package in those signature white briefs for the likes of Calvin Klein. He’s got sweet mixed blood in him, with German-Jewish parents from Portugal, so you know he’s a good boy with old-world soul mixed with that hot Brazilian flavor. Rafael has worked with all the hottest US stud-riding studios in the biz, like Studio 2000, Falcon, and Raging Stallion. He’s got major recognition from the Grabby Awards and the GayVNs which testify to his fag-banging awesomeness.
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