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Aurora Snow Loves To Blow

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2 years ago
I just love giving blowjobs and swallowing big hot loads of cum.
3 years ago
so much wasted cum! This guy needs to aim
2 years ago
Love giving blowjobs for cum in mouth
4 months ago
would be great to help out anytime xxxx
5 months ago
I have a huge load for you
1 year ago
Okay first of all, she has three younger brothers. She got into the business around 18 years old. I wish she was my older sister. I would watch her stuff literally every day. That would be so fucking hot. I would definitely tell her how much I enjoy watching my sister during family get together ;) Am I just a perv here or would that be so fucking hot?
1 year ago
That would be pretty hot. I would just wait until she and I were alone in the same room. Then, I would slam her against the wall and just start full-on making out with her.
1 year ago
Winston Burbank is the name and having a terrible aim is his game. He needs to learn how to shoot the entire load into the open mouth. Thanks for listening and have a great day!

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