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    escribió una publicación
    hace 27 segundos

    Hahaha I don't react nice try keep on trying small dumb shit don't affect me hahaha.

    I ll tell you straight up you incompetentes minds don't affect me you immaturity don't faze me your cowards way don't get to me I am just saying I don't give a fuck about you bitch niggas running your big ol Dick sucking mouth or typing shity fingers I mean you suck dick and take dicks in your ass like a true full blown queer like who is gonna bleave a mouth that sucks Dick for a living hahaha stupid two way street faggets can't faze you still a power bottom on the bottom beta male with lots of estrogen in your DNA what the fuck Ever these dumb broads are worthless pieces of shits thinking they are getting dick up by alpha males when in reality they are two way Maricas jotos queers like I gives a fuck who they suck or fuck just stating the facts get of my nuts cus they also be getting booty fuck too hahaha and on there neens sucking dick like you dumb ass hoes hahaha shit that both of yous have in common and related to hahaha everyday bunch of Levas player hating jotos hahaha no damage on me I am still standing tall and life is to short to be fucking lameos on the regular hahaha back the fuck of my nuts pinche maricas y pendejas tratadas de mierda hahaha me vale verga dry your eyes don't cry ok it's gonna hurt you more the it hurts me hahaha tumbs down hahaha you fucking digusting Disgrace to the human races no monkey business here hahaha adios Falicia vete al Verga con todo it's my freedom of speech I curse alot like a sailor and what who doesn't just my way of expressing my views and right to speak up for my self now days. What the fuck Ever don't judge me I gives a fuck about your worthless life's full of bull shit drama gossip and lies and stupidity of immature elementary mantality of a c***d hahaha grown the fuck up already this not porn hub Jerry springer show which shouts to Jerry spring show which I use to watch it alot in my teenage years i sure ain't about that Jerry Springer life living show in my life just saying #fakefree
    escribió una publicación
    from now on my vids and pics will be in private only from now on
    escribió una publicación
    hace 10 minutos

    feast to my eyes!!!!!!!!

    I want to see a nice guy with worked out body, with few packs. Hot man butt, not a guy who has only his ugly Dick to show in his DP.
    Wait... wait.... don't put inside. . LIck it first.. let me look at you .. turn around. Dance.. No No !!!!! Wait... put it in nice and easy... keep fucking. I'm smoking..
    escribió una publicación
    I was talking about getting a sperm donor with my aunt and she suggested I just find a guy that I want to have a baby with and get a turkey baster, which is cheaper, but what am I supposed to do? Sneak into a guys house and take his pussy pocket and take the sperm out and use it? I'm laughing so hard.
    escribió una publicación
    hace 12 minutos
    High as fuck, wanting to fuck
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    escribió una publicación

    my cam
    escribió una publicación
    hace 24 minutos
    My moods are all over the place. I just started crying for no reason. Wtf.
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    escribió una publicación
    hace 25 minutos
    Wet and horny ! In sexy lingerie... just waiting to be fuck... ❤❤
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    escribió una publicación
    hace 29 minutos
    Ugh. I have to go to bed early tomorrow night. I have to go to a meeting for an apartment.
    escribió una publicación
    Warming up to meet the devil in you tonight. Like a boy, you're so easy for me to excite.
    Tonight I'm gonna let me bedroom be the toybox
    escribió una publicación
    hace 32 minutos
    just to let you all know I know how much you hate my videos and pics so I have now deleted them all now for good so now its my turn to hate all the videos and pics you upload like you do to mine
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