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The more mature the fruit, the sweeter the juices, and no seasoned MILF shows that better than the one and only Deauxma. Originally from Texas, she proves that the Lone Star state has got more than steers and queers. It’s got big busty sluts who only get hornier the older they get. Deauxma has seduced more young dudes in her day than sperm can be counted in a wad of cum. Whether she’s the disciplining teacher, the bitchy boss, or just your pal’s hot mom or your girlfriend’s slutty mother, Deauxma rules when it comes to helping young dudes learn to worship and respect mature ladies. Deauxma doesn’t only go with young guys though. She loves swinging and sex parties and simultaneously banging dudes and eating pussy. It’s not hard to see why everyone in the industry has wanted to shoot a scene with Deauxma at one time or another. Could it be those ginormous fun bags? When this MILF is taking it Doggy, her favorite position, those milk pups go swinging and flopping so wildly you hope they fly right through the screen and onto your keyboard. Deauxma also has a real penchant for the pile driver, upside down with legs over her head. She is especially filthy for getting Jerky Johnson stuffed up her butt so deep she’ll need to sit on a donut after every anal session. Deauxma is one true legendary whore who only gets sluttier and better with time.
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Acerca de
Nacido: 1960-01-25
Lugar de nacimiento: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Altura: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Peso: 134 lbs (61 kg)

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