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Gina Lynn
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Here’s a busty blonde bombshell who manages to stay a cut above the rest: Gina Lynn. How does she stand out in a genre that she shares with so many other wannabe porn goddesses? Easy… Gina always goes the extra bit, like with the way that she can deep-throat a few inches more than any other girl, or how she takes one more extra dick in a group sex scene, or when she coaxes those extra ounces of splooge to come out of a pair of balls she’s working with. Gina can do all of this just by flashing her naked body, with those magnanimous cajungas that beg for a tit fucking, that sweet horny ass with the winking butthole, and her overall slut-charged body. It’s not just her looks, however, because like we said, her performances always go above and beyond the standards of on-screen crotch slamming. Gina has rocked a lot of mainstream attention, too. She’s a fan favorite on Howard Stern, has danced in an Eminem video, and even had some lines in mainstream films like “Analyze That” and the TV show “The Sopranos”. After nearly 200 roles, AVN welcomed her as a Hall of Famer. In April 2012, she became Penthouse’s Pet of the Month, but we would have given it to her all year if it were up to us. She’s also done some porn directing, probably because the dirtiest and sluttiest minds really know how to create a scene just right for the wanking, and she sure does.
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Acerca de
Nacido: 1974-02-15
Lugar de nacimiento: Mayagiez, Puerto Rico
Altura: 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Peso: 104 lbs (47 kg)

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