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Jenaveve Jolie
Rango de las Estrellas de Porno
You might notice something if you watch a Jenaveve Jolie scene: when the male performers are supposed to be playing her doctor or her student, saying lines and acting, they just can’t wait skip all the story and go right to getting it on with her. That’s because Jenaveve Jolie is so damn sexy you wouldn’t just forget your lines, you’d forget how to speak. When she launched her pussy on the scene in 2006, she took a nomination for Best New Starlet. That starlet has now exploded into a full-on supernova of Mexican-American gorgeousness. She’s got a long mocha body that sports wonderful jugs and an ass you just want to spread open and take a nap in. She could do the dirty street-slut style so good you want to take a shower after just glaring at her photo. But she could also portray the sweet young woman who just needs a man to trust, or a woman to please. That’s why the gals and girls in porn all have her agent’s number on speed dial every time they get an itch to get their freak fuck on. This girl works hard and loves every minute, and every inch of it. In the epic "Pirates", supposedly the most expensive porno ever, she definitely gave them their money’s worth, like she’ll give you everything you deserve when you add those traffic numbers to her scenes. Even if you’re watching free stuff, she’ll let you milk it like a million bucks.
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Acerca de
Nacido: 1984-06-04
Lugar de nacimiento: San Luis Obispo, California, United States
Altura: 5 ft (152 cm)
Peso: 106 lbs (48 kg)

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