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Natasha Nice
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There’s a lot that’s nice about the deliciously slutty Natasha Nice. She’s got a sweet, welcoming face with a permanent smile on her lips, especially when there’s a dewy pussy or musky boner approaching. One thing about Natasha Nice that makes her one of the biggest sweethearts in the industry is her all natural qualities: natural curiosity, natural horniness, and, most important of all, big natural tits. Natasha’s got those lovely pancake floppers that bounce and swing in perfect jubilance when she rides a dick or gets pummeled from behind. Those tits fill out her outfits so nicely, this girl can make erection waves wearing anything from knitted sweaters to string bikinis. When she lifts up her shirt, her under-boob cleavage alone is enough to make you want to experiment with new cock maneuvers so that you can get as close to her tits as possible. Natasha is a winning performer beyond those physical assets. She’s slurped up gallons of pussy juice and felt legions of cock brains poke around her larynx in her years as a super slut star. She’s a natural actress who could play the sensual giver of intimacy and comfort, as well as the depraved taker of nasty and filthy drillings. Natasha has also been flexing her writing chops as a porn movie reviewer. This just shows what a natural horny freak she is, because when she can’t be fucking herself, she needs to comment and criticize other people’s fuck jobs. That’s dedication to an industry that worships both Natasha and her great tits.
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Nacido: 1988-07-28
Lugar de nacimiento: Fontenay Sous-Bois, France
Altura: 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Peso: 115 lbs (52 kg)

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